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Thread: Boxmaster Christmas Cup

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    Boxmaster Christmas Cup

    f you ate too much for Christmas and want to burn those calories away, what better way to burn them than to drive the most ridicilous cars RFactor2 can offer? I present to you the Boxmaster Christmas Cup. It's a seriously unserious event which sole purpose is to have a bit of a laugh during the holidays.

    With the perfect sportscar recipe (350hp and RWD), we will do two races, one at Croft and the other at Norisring. Both tracks are beautifully funky and seemingly built for these cars so expect utter shenanigans to insue. Each 20 minute race will have a short, 5 minute quali session to roughly arrange the grid.

    The event will be held on our standard race schedule:
    -Tuesday evening
    -8pm quali start.

    Entry is absolutely, 100% free, so there might be some new faces on the server. Also, we always encourage inviting new players, especially for this event.

    Merry Christmas everyone! Enjoy your holidays
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    Re: Boxmaster Christmas Cup

    oh, this will be fun but unfortunately i can't join...
    have fun guys :D

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    Re: Boxmaster Christmas Cup

    Hope tomorrow to join, I don't know at this moment cause the holiday is very busy with family and food!

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    Re: Boxmaster Christmas Cup

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